•  Click on the Register Button in the Login page to get started


  • Enter all required details including your MCI Registration Number and click on Register to complete the process.

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Step 1

  • Enter a feature (symptom, sign or test) in the text box.
  • As you type note features add up in drop down list. Select one.
  • If you do not find a feature, complete typing it in text box and click search button.
  • Natural language processing gives output into text box. Please delete those which are inappropriate to your patient.
  • Notice the selected or typed features add up to a text area below. Complete patient data entry.


Step 2

  • Select diagnostic algorithm after completing of patient data entry.
  • Select first radio button and click the search button.
  • Search button click now runs a diagnostic algorithm and a spinning wheel appears.
  • Output is shown in text areas and an export button appears. Click export to save results.


Step 3

  • Diagnostic algorithm gives data which consists of a probable diagnosis, its patho-physiology, organs involved.
  • It suggests some tests for arriving at a diagnosis.


The diagnosis is machine generated and is not assumed to be realistic or confirmatory. Physician discretion is needed to use the data according to one’s judgement. No claims on accuracy are made in reference to ai-med except the algorithms or its implementations are scientifically published. The database used has weightages of disease-feature links which are hard to measure and prone for variations. This limitation has potential for errors in diagnosis.