About Mohan rao

I am a medical doctor with experience in practice and research. After graduating from medical school I was trained in research for about 8 years. Following this I practiced as well as developed medical applications for diagnosis. I developed PAIRS which is hosted at www.ai-med.in

Gods for Few Men

Dev woke up to chirps of birds and early morning cool breeze. He slept in a jeep that was stranded the night before in middle of a stream. Slowly he woke up to recollect how he left the airfield with a land rover packed with supplies the evening before. He travelled for hours into forest [...]

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When Googling for Medical is Not Right

Most of us use google for our medical search, what is wrong in it? But my point here is google is more a computer than a medical one. We all appreciate google search and would definitely continue using it provided it can give fewer and more meaningful results. I will describe my problem with an [...]

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What is your diagnosis?

Probably this is a most common question a doctor would like to ask his/her colleague for several reasons. Probably they like to surprise, confuse them with a complicated case. May be they just like to start a conversation on the way to coffee or lunch. May be they have not figured out the case yet [...]

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